Honk’in and a quacking a beautiful melody!

Well, both duck and goose season got off to a start this week as you could probably guess with the sounds of the twenty-one gun salutes early in the pre-dawn hours. I was able to harvest six large Canadians,those being geese and not people. A few were shot on the wing and the other’s I managed to call to the decoys. The weather is still untypically mild for this time of the year and the birds aren’t in any hurry to fly south just yet.

Once the cold night’s in October arrive and the farmer’s begin to take down the corn,those geese will start to migrate and start to put on that nice corn fat. Then you should experience some great field shooting over decoys. Even with this mild opener,hunter’s shooting seems to frighten and get the birds airborne for a chance shot or two. As far as cleaning the geese I have both skinned them whole and just removed the breast’s and legs. I never have plucked them,skinning is faster and you don”t have that greasy meat everybody complains about. If you are going to bake,broil or slow cook them or even make sausages and goose burgers,I would mix in or cook with a few strips of bacon to replace the fat you skinned out or they will become to dry and tough! Remember to check your meat carefully for any steel shot before you prepare and before you eat any. Otherwise you could end up going to the dentist for some repair work.

One last tip. If you are not a fan of gamey tasting meat of any kind like deer,birds,bear or moose,I suggest you marinate your wild game in either buttermilk or coca-cola,the acids in both these liquids will break down the meat fibre and tenderize the meat along with taking away the gamey taste. Good luck with your bird hunting and preparation for the  table.

I’ll write soon when it”s closer to the gun season for deer, I am not a bow hunter but I have been thinking about it.

        Your’s in good hunting!


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